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Amblers Safety is a leading British safety footwear brand that offers all-day comfort with plenty of ruggedness. With over 30 years of safety boot expertise, we know all about protecting you at work in a stylish and dependable way.


Amblers Safety Footwear have stood for quality and value in the retail and industrial distributive trades for over three decades, established in 1980 – the Amblers Safety footwear range has gone from strength to strength. With an ever expanding range of excellent safety footwear solutions – be it rigger boots, safety shoes, or something with a little more style to go with the functionality – Then you would be hard-pressed to find a better range of safety footwear on the market at such an affordable price.


In the 1980s, the management team of industrial footwear and workwear distributor Footsure, saw a necessity in the UK market for a quality comfort safety brand at value prices.

Footsure (part of Gardiners’ group) is built on generations of standards for craftsmanship, durability and a reputation of supplying dependable footwear to the trade and in the 1980s formed its own brand of stylish, innovative safety designs named Amblers Steel (later named Amblers Safety) to distribute to the construction, agricultural, contract and service industries. Growing from strength to strength, this is now a leading safety footwear brand dedicated to providing hardwearing footwear and consistent comfort to the wearer.



Prior to 1978, workplace or occupational health and safety legislation tended to come into force in a piecemeal fashion. Some legislation dealt with a particular group of workers and some dealt with a particular type of dangerous machine or work process or substance.

The result was a rather unwieldy mass of law which was confusing to industry, intricate in its detail and difficult to administer.

To address the problems a Committee under Lord Robens was set up in 1970. This reported in 1972 and its recommendations led eventually to the introduction in Great Britain of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 which was mirrored in Northern Ireland by the Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978.

The opportunity to market its products based on the new provision of the Health and Safety at Work Act was not lost on Footsure’s management team, and supported the new products with a professionally designed logo, box and label and a range chart in full colour directed at factories.


The introduction of metal free and composite footwear to the growing heavy duty range made it necessary to re-brand in 2012 due to the misleading use of the word ‘Steel’. Since invented during the 1920s, toe-caps have been constantly improved in strength, durability and weight. With the breakthrough of composite materials, toe-cap designs can now be further improved with increasing strength, reduced weight, better thermal insulation and non-magnetic properties.

Composite toe safety shoes are constructed with a toe cap made from a non-ferrous elastomeric material. This material has been engineered to be lightweight and will not conduct heat, cold or electricity. This type of toe cap still goes through strict EN 12568: Foot and leg protectors’ requirements and test methods for toe caps and metal penetration resistant inserts.

Amblers Safety now offer a diverse range of products including safety shoes and trainers, waterproof safety boots, welted boots, specialist foundry footwear, metal free footwear, ESD footwear, a catering and medical range, and ladies safety and protective shoes and boots.

Amblers Safety is built on an honest heritage to provide hardworking comfort at a fair price.


Amblers Safety footwear is committed to worksite excellence. All industrial footwear is tested to be compliant in the latest EU standards from authorised testing facilities such as SATRA and receives certification in EN ISO20345 (safety footwear), EN ISO20346 (protective footwear) or EN ISO20347 (occupational footwear) standards. The International Organisation for Standardisation provides the standard for safety footwear in Europe. Manufacturing processes are monitored to ensure that footwear is compliant to these standards.


Packaging Waste Regulations are designed to reduce the amount of packaging that goes into landfill. Where necessary, Amblers Safety products are supplied in a recyclable cardboard shoe box, with a carrier handle, minimising the need for the retailer to use a plastic carrier bag. All inner packaging is kept to the minimum required to protect the footwear during transit.


Amblers Safety products are designed and distributed by Footsure Western Ltd.  For Declaration of Conformity requests, please visit www.footsure.net.


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